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collaboration_4I guess this post’s whole idea came from one question: what are you looking for when hiring an agency or a specialized service? Obviously, the main reason is that you have a certain need (or, more formally, a business objective) that needs attention. So you decide to seek professional help.

Let’s narrow down the assumption a little and say that you need to address the online component of this year’s marketing strategy. And you don’t have a dedicated department to implement it, so this means you have to hire a company that provides the services you need. You would need someone that:
  • understands your project’s objectives
  • knows the best implementation that can actually help you achieve your goals
  • can also bring value to your project, meaning you can rely on their experience, know-how and their ability to come up with a tailor suited solution
  • by doing similar projects on a regular basis, you can be reassured you are in safe hands and your investment is wisely used (thus resulting they have experience in developing this kind of projects)
The above mentioned (amongst others) could be considered just the core of your decision making process when choosing a certain company you want to work with, provided they can convince you and prove they got what it takes. But this also means you have got to collaborate with them, remember why you decided to start working together, listen to what they’ve got to say. In other words, you have got to allow them to offer their input, as consultants.
The deal is, you know your business better than anyone. You just got to allow that information, that wonderful service or product you are offering to go out there and tell a story about it and how it can help and how it can be a solution to your problems.
And you have got to let the people who know how to do it best send this message out there, in the best possible way.  Benefit from their knowledge, experience-polished processes and domain expertise. Let them explain why it’s a good option, approach or implementation.
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